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What is SmartParent? 
The overall goal of the SmartParent program is to support parents to make evidence-informed choices for healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood and to improve parent and infant health. SmartParent is intended for people with uncomplicated pregnancies and healthy infants. Messages are meant to complement information provided by healthcare providers, not to replace it. 

SmartParent was developed by academic researchers from UBC in collaboration with the BC Ministry of Health, BC Health Authorities, and Perinatal Services BC and in consultation with pregnant and new parents, practicing nurses, doctors, midwives, and experts in maternal and child health. SmartParent is endorsed by The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC). and the Canadian Pediatric Society (CPS)

For a complete, current and downloadable list of the messages, please click here: SmartParent Messages 

Terms of Consent for Participants 
To view the SmartParent Terms of Consent, please go to Terms of Consent

Enrollment Guide 
Encourage enrollment with one easy step. Clients can text the keyword BABY to the phone number 12323 to enroll. 

Standard message and data rates may apply. Enrolling in SmartParent is free and SmartParent does not charge for the messages. Depending on a client's mobile phone plan, their service provider (e.g. Bell, Rogers, Telus) may charge them to receive/send text messages or browse website links when not connected to WiFi. 

Enroll by PHONE - via SMS 
1. Clients can text the keyword BABY to 12323. 
2. Click the link in the text message reply to go to the SmartParent website to read the Terms of Consent. 
3. Text the word ACCEPT to enroll. 
4. Answer the questions about pregnancy or infant age, local health authority, and recruitment route to complete enrollment. 

Enroll ONLINE - via the SmartParent website 
1. Clients can go to and click Enroll Now. 
2. Select “Nova Scotia” for their province.
3. Read and accept the Terms of Consent. Click Enroll.
4. Create your profile and click Submit.

Everyone who enrolls in SmartParent is invited to complete up to four optional online surveys. There is an enrollment survey at the beginning of pregnancy and a followup survey at 38 weeks. There is a survey after the baby is born and a final survey when the baby is one year of age. Surveys ask about socio-demographic data, general knowledge, behavior change, and usability of the program. Our evaluation also uses standardized measures of postpartum depression, pregnancy-specific anxiety, fear of childbirth, and parenting confidence and competence. 

Standardized Scales: 
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) 
Pregnancy-Specific Anxiety Scale (PSAT) 
Childbirth Fear Scale (CFPP) 
Parenting Sense of Competence Scale (PSOC) 
Karitane Parenting Confidence Scale (KPCS) 

Promotional Materials
Help us promote SmartParent! Here are some posters for you to print and display in your office: SmartParent Posters. You can also share our downloadable social media toolkit with your communications team for promoting SmartParent on social media.

Questions & Feedback 
Contact us online or call us at 1-855-871-BABY (2229). 

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