Frequently Asked Questions

What are text messages?
Text messages are sent by Short Message Services (SMS). SMS is a general name for the technology that lets you receive short text messages to your mobile phones. If you own a mobile phone, chances are you have the ability to send and receive SMS.

What number will the text messages come from?
Text messages will come from 12424. You can save this number on your phone as a contact and name it "SmartParent" so you know who the messages are from.

My phone number changed, how can I update my account?
Sign In to your SmartParent account. On your My Profile page, you'll be able to replace your previous mobile phone number with your new phone number. Click on the 'Update' button when done.

How can I change my message schedule?
Sign In to your SmartParent account. On your My Profile page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the 'Go to Schedule' button. Follow instructions on the page to change your schedule. Click on the 'Update Schedule' button to confirm changes.

Can I cancel anytime?
Yes, you can cancel this service at any time.
Simply text STOP to 12424 on your mobile phone or Sign In to your SmartParent account and click on Cancel My Account at the bottom of the page.

What do you do with my personal information? Is it safe?
Yes, your personal information is safe with us. All information collected from SmartParent is completely confidential and remains private.

SmartParent staff, researchers, and website administrators (MEMOTEXT) are the only people who have access to information provided through your participation in the SmartParent program. Answers to survey questions are not linked to your name or phone number or any other personal identifying information.

MEMOTEXT hosts the site and strictly follows the privacy guidelines set out by PIPEDA. Your information is secure and will not be shared with third parties in any way for any reason.

How do I find out about the messages I missed if I joined part way through the program?
You can find a complete list of the messages by signing in to your SmartParent account and clicking on 'Messages'.

Is SmartParent free? Why do my messages say 'Data rates apply'? Does this mean I'm being charged for the messages?
SmartParent will not charge you to sign up or to receive program text messages. However, standard message and data rates may apply. This means that, depending on your phone plan with your mobile phone service provider (carrier - e.g. Bell, Rogers, Telus), you may be charged by your carrier for: 1) text messages received from/sent to SmartParent, or 2) data usage if you click any web links in the SmartParent text messages while not connected to WiFi. If you have an unlimited text messaging plan, you shouldn't be charged to receive our messages. If you have an unlimited data plan, you shouldn't be charged for browsing web links in our messages. Please check with your carrier if you are unsure about your phone plan.

Is SmartParent gender inclusive?
SmartParent is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive parenting education program via text messaging for new parents in British Columbia. Please note that some of our program content and resource links refer to "woman", "mom", "mother" and "breastfeeding" as well as "dad" and "father". We acknowledge that people with a wide range of gender identities experience pregnancy, childbirth, infant feeding and parenting. Where possible, we use the terms "people", "person" and "parent", as we recognize that not every birthing person identifies as a woman, female or a mother and not every spouse, partner or support person identifies as a man, male or a father.

I was previously enrolled in SmartParent, can I sign up again?
Yes! If you previously texted "STOP" to SmartParent, you will first need to text "START" before you can re-enroll. You can then text the keyword "SmartParent" to restart the enrollment process. If you cancelled your previous account through the SmartParent website, you will not need to text "START" first - you can just start by texting the keyword "SmartParent". Need help? Contact Us!

Is SmartParent only available in English? What about other languages?
SmartParent is only available in English at this time.

I'm a health care provider, can I get more info?
Yes, thanks for your interest! Please Contact Us!