Expecting a baby and becoming a new parent is an exciting time with lots to learn about keeping you, your growing baby, and your family healthy. SmartParent is here to help!

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Why SmartParent?

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What do users say about SmartParent?

I like that the one text was about making a list [of questions]. Because when you do have your prenatal appointments you maybe would feel a bit more prepared with some questions, things that had been brought up in the text messages. As opposed to trying to think of all the things that you want to ask your doctor at your one appointment. Because it’s not easy to just go in and ask a question, right?

The information from SmartParent is better than any other baby app I’ve signed up with. You get very localized information to read versus mass amounts of tips. I like that I can sit down and read just one tip. I am a busy mom with a busy toddler so simple messaging is important for me.

What an incredible program! I loved the short bite-sized pieces of information throughout my 2nd pregnancy. It really helped put me at ease for the growth of my child before birth and the followup survey at the end was a clever way of helping assess how Moms were doing and to offer additional resources (mental health support, etc). It helped me be much more confident, more of a confident pregnant lady and now a parent again.

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